Insanely Cute Dorm Room Decoration Ideas

What Is a Dorm?

Dorm Room or dormitory — also called a residence hall or simply a “dorm” — is a large building divided up into many dorm room where college students live, often with a roommate or two. Dorm rooms are usually small, with just enough room for a couple of beds, a couple of desks and maybe a few small pieces of furniture.

Unlike hotel rooms, most dorm rooms don’t have their own bathrooms (although some dorm rooms, called “suites,” may share a bathroom with another adjoining room). Each floor in a dorm will usually have one or two bathrooms that all the people living on that floor share.

Unlike apartments, most dorm rooms don’t have kitchens. Dorm residents usually eat together in a large cafeteria area in the building or another building nearby. You may find small appliances, such as toasters or microwave ovens, in dorm rooms, so that students can fix snacks without leaving their rooms.

College students who live in dorms often become close friends with the other people who live in the rooms close to them. Most dorms have common rooms on each floor where residents can gather together to chat, watch television or play games.

Who Lives In Dorm?

College students aren’t the only people who live in dormitories, though. Dorms are often used for short-term housing in many other situations. In the military, for example, personnel often stay in dorms during initial training at military bases.

Some large companies also house workers in dorms during initial training sessions. Younger students may also stay in dorms if they attend camps and programs at a college or university during the summer.

How To Transform Your Dull-Looking Dorm?

Lightweight tapestries help disguise ugly dorm walls and can be stylish complements to whatever bedding choices your teen makes. This one is gorgeous (and what a dreamy space if your teen needs a room divider) but there are so many different styles to choose from including sports imagery and world maps. They have loops that make it easy to attach to the wall (or ceiling) with Command Hooks.

When you went to college, one of the items on the packing list provided by the school was a small houseplant. Plants should be included in every space to add some life and color. Having a live plant is important because it gives you something to take care of, I know how crazy college can get (and a plant is going to be the last thing you think about). So, fake plants are perfect for dorm rooms! 

Cute Dorm Room Decoration Ideas

Decorating your walls can make your dorm feel so much more like home. Take advantage of your vertical wall space and fill it up with these super cute dorm wall decor ideas!

Make A Flower Wall Dorm Room

If you’re going for a girly styled dorm room, this is a perfect idea. This looks so pretty and it’s really original! I love how the way you could fill up your wall super easily with the flower stems and then put the garland at the top. 

Use Ivy Leaves For A Boho Look

Hanging leaves and fairy lights is a great idea for a boho look. This is such a huge trend right now and it is the perfect way to fill up wall space in any dorm room.  This would look so cute on a blank wall or even behind your bed in place of a headboard!


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