Scandinavian Style For Small Apartment Bedroom

The Scandinavian look is a bright and airy style that makes you feel like you can breathe easier just by walking into your bedroom. This look was carefully crafted to give the illusion of light and emerges from Sweden’s long, harsh winter nights. The overall look is comfortable and inviting.

Bright, airy and modern, the Scandinavian style features simple furnishings, planned storage, bold and bright accent colors as well as a look that will make the most of your small bedroom.

The fresh and functional approach to decor looks fun in any bedroom, but fits perfectly into a small bedroom in Scandinavian style as in a modern apartment. This is a cost-effective display that relies more on a living imagination and a confident approach and generous budget.

They are taken from a variety of styles and furniture that are part of the charm of the Scandinavian style. For example, you could pair high-tech bedroom-style lighting with pale Scandinavian wood furniture and ethnic woven rugs. The aim is to create a comfortable, practical space, well-organized and easy to care for, but with an youthful sense of pleasure.

Creating a Scandinavian Look

Walls and ceiling

The smaller the room, the more important it is to use light reflective colors. White walls are a great starting point and leave your chosen accent color wide open. Continuing the color of the walls above the ceiling, especially in the attic of the room, creates the impression of a space that flows smoothly.

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Window treatments continue the theme of a pale background or introduce a bright color. So, just use sleek, sturdy or striped blinds or in combination with simple drapery or drapery, in pale or light colors and plain or patterned, to smooth the look.

Source : scandinavian.interior


For a sleek, minimalist effect, opt for stripped and polished wood or pine floors. Add colorful rugs, with bold geometric patterns or large scales, for visual appeal and bedside comfort. For safety, place a rug on a wooden floor polished with a non-slip base.

Source : scandinavian.interior


Choose lighting that matches the functional and efficient impression of the room. Wall-mounted recessed lights provide good overall lighting, and are complemented by simple and elegant bedside lamps or portable office-style lamps that you can move indoors if needed.

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If your budget allows, choose a wall-to-wall rug for a softer, more comfortable finish. Choose walls with solid and neutral colors that like walls with solid colors, create a feeling of space – especially in a small room. A rug can be more practically a white or neutral color like beige or gray, perhaps with one or more scattered rugs as a focal point. Plain, natural, and pale floor coverings are the cheaper option, and look especially attractive when paired with unpainted wicker furniture.

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