Make Your Small Dining Room Colorful And Do It All There

Are you a student living alone in an apartment? Or is it a mother who wants her child to study calmly and comfortably. Living in a small apartment with all the narrow space, makes us have to think extra to get a comfortable space for activities. It is possible to make the dining room the center of activities, from cooking, breakfast, studying, and hanging out with friends. By decorating the dining room with colorful colors, it will enhance the atmosphere when you are there doing everything.

It is important to learn what you need to include to make a colorful dining room so that it can be a versatile room. First is the selection of furniture that is suitable for all needs. Also the choice of furniture color which will certainly make your mood more colorful and enthusiastic in your activities every day.

A mood-boosting dining room

Breakfast oatmeal, study for a test at night, or hang out with friends until midnight? Whatever the occasion, this dining room is guaranteed to keep you smiling.

Colorful small home with yellow chairs and a white table. The curtains, rug, sofa and kitchen doors have various patterns.

After walking back and forth to your drawer while you are studying moderate concentration? Here’s the solution: use storage on wheels! Make your study time smoother with swivel chair that is comfortable to sit on and easy to rotate for quick access to drawers.

White table, yellow chairs, one large white drawer unit and one smaller on castors that’s rolled to a white table.

The ALEX is small but has nine drawers, so it’s easy to divide, divide and store many different things in your household without taking up too much space. Smart solution for small homes!

Seen from above is a white drawer unit with books on the top surface, and drawers are open to show storage inside.

Install a wall lamp near your desk to properly illuminate the surface, whether you’re studying or enjoying an after-exam ice cream with friends.

A white table, yellow chairs and a black wall lamp that’s mounted on a white tile wall. Ice cream in pink bowls on the table.

Pictures and decorative items will stand out more when placed on transparent shelves. Use the lower shelf shelves as the easiest-to-reach storage area for storing your laptop and school supplies.

Blue wall with transparent picture ledges with blue frames, decorative items, a laptop and more. Yellow chairs in front.

Discover More Ideas

BURVIK is neat, easy to move and can be used as a coffee table, or as an additional surface for placing oils, herbs and spices when the dining surface is full.

Black side table with handle, yellow chairs, white table, blue frames, red cabinet and a wall-mounted black memo board.

Eliminate sun rays that are too harsh and maintain comfortable light in your room by using affordable SCHOTTIS. It doesn’t require drilling, and you can easily cut it to make it windowless in your home.

White pleated blinds are drawn halfway down two windows. Green plants in front and a white table lamp in the background.


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