A traditional house that blends perfectly with the big and modern city

Living in a small apartment does not make you run out of space and leave the values of beauty in your room. With a smart arrangement you can turn your apartment into a timeless home. Using simple decorations with traditional and modern touches in one space perfectly creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Traditional and Modern Looks in Small Apartments

This is an interior design studio type apartment that feels roomy, even if it’s only a few square meters. HEMNES daybed work as kitchen sofas during the day and a comfortable bed at night, yet have a traditional all day look.

Traditional look room with daybed that has a classic look. The extra pillow provides support during the day.

Create space for guests in seconds with the help of an extendable table and additional seating. INGATORPs are easy to lengthen by one person, and KYRRE benches are stackable so they don’t fill up space when they’re not needed.

Black extendable table surrounded by benches that provide extra seating.

A daybed is the perfect choice for a small home because it easily transforms from a kitchen sofa into a bed. HEMNES has spacious drawers for storing pillows and quilts, and when paired with a reading lamp and a favorite book, these diapers create a super cozy bedroom atmosphere.

A white daybed that is turned into a bed and is complemented by comfortable bedding textiles. Next to it was a bench with a table lamp on.

A dark room helps you sleep well – but HOPPVALS has a lot more to do with it! The honeycomb structure inside creates an insulation layer that helps reduce heat.

IKEA HOPPVALS gray room darkening cellular blind covers half of the window and helps darken the room both day and night.

Discover More Ideas

Clothing storage helps maintain a beautiful home appearance. HEMNES has a drawer that is large enough for a storage box to make it easier for you to organize your clothes and accessories.

The white chest of 3 drawers has one open drawer where folded clothes are arranged in a box.

Small homes need all kinds of storage, and try them out in a stylish way. Hang your collection of beautiful accessories and other items on the shelf with knobs, such as LURT / HEDRA, and make them part of the interior of the house.

The shelf is white / anthracite with wall-mounted knobs and accessories hanging from knobs.

By choosing the right furniture, you can turn your small apartment into a spacious and airy place. Choose furniture that suits your needs that saves space but is also full of high functionality. With a unique and attractive appearance in your room, make your home feel warmer for you to curl up under a blanket. Also enjoy the day off by relaxing sitting on the daybed while having a cup of coffee.

Source : IKEA Furniture


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