Outdoor Rooms Ideas For Small and Large Spaces

Outdoor rooms are a great way to add an extra dimension to your home and give it that perfect tropical vacation feel. The great thing about these rooms is that they can be used year round for lounging, relaxing, entertaining, or just spending quality time with the family. The first step in creating a great outdoor room is to decide on the size you want. Once you have chosen the size of the room and have determined where you want it located, you need to begin determining which type of outdoor room you will construct. For instance, if you have a screened-in porch or deck, your outdoor rooms ideas are going to be limited by what is available to you. For instance, if you want to build a small enclosed porch or deck, you may not be able to incorporate your outdoor rooms ideas into your design.

After deciding on the size of the outdoor room, you can begin to look at different types of materials you can use to construct your outdoor rooms ideas. For instance, if you choose to use vinyl outdoor tiles, you will probably only be able to use these for the flooring, walls, or the roof of the structure. This leaves the sides of the buildings open for design, but makes it difficult to add windows or doorways. For the roof, you can choose to use either tile or PVC pipes and form your own framework out of them. There are tons of great ways to create your own framework using recycled material and you can use whatever you like to make the framework for your outdoor rooms.

Outdoor Rooms For Small Space

Storage bench for narrow areas

Create a quiet impression in your small balcony area. How? Smart storage solution. With an outdoor bench equipped with wall panels and shelves, you will not only have outdoor seating but also a place to place your favorite potted plants or hang garden tools all at once. And with the storage space available under the bench, you always have a place to put a seat cushion when you don’t need it. Now a little green oasis that is neatly arranged is ready for you to enjoy.

Nice atmosphere in a small area

When your home feels cramped, take advantage of the balcony area to create a quiet relaxing area. Here you can relieve fatigue by enjoying the outside atmosphere while sitting on a chaise longue which makes your body feel more relaxed. If the view from your balcony is unattractive, add a natural feel by placing some green plants that are refreshing to the eye. A slight change makes the outer area less monotonous. Use a flower pot that has wheels to make it easier to move your collection when you need a little makeover.

Ready for cool drinks and afternoon sun

After a busy day, fill your free time with fun things, such as enjoying your favorite cold drink while relaxing on the soft outdoor sofa, feeling the afternoon air while still being protected from the sun with an umbrella tent, and seeing the green scenery of the arranged plant collections. neat. Not only a place to unwind, this comfortable area is also perfect to use as an outdoor living room to welcome friends who want to spend their time outside with you.

Holiday at home

You don’t have a lot of money for vacations? No problem – try decorating your balcony, and take a vacation at home! Nothing will make summer feel cheerful other than by using bright colors as outdoor decorations in your home. The trick is to use the color of your balcony walls as a basis, then add various accessories such as pillows and lights with matching colors so that the color theme remains coordinated. Then add bold colors like red, yellow and orange as accents. When planning a vacation at home, try to cook a food menu with the theme of the destination you want. Get creative by setting the table using an interesting mix of colors and layouts. Then, invite your friends and have fun at home.

Comfortable outdoor space for you

Enjoy the warmth of the sunshine on your balcony, no matter how small it is! With the right storage solution, along with shade and privacy, you’ll be able to relax and unwind in comfort. Choose a suitable chair to sit and enjoy your breakfast. Folding chairs are ideal for saving space with a small minimalist balcony design, and are also useful as additional seating for guests who come to visit. To create storage space on a small balcony, think about a vertical way. Use your walls to mount high storage racks to grow as many spice plants as you want.

Outdoor Rooms For Large Space

Smart outdoor solution for sunny days

Create an outdoor area that the whole family can enjoy. Comfortable chairs for adults, a special play area for children, and a parasol tent from IKEA Indonesia which provides a place to shade whenever you need it. To be free from clutter, use a secret storage area under the chair and footstool. Use storage boxes for toys, and take them out when it’s time to play. Dedicate a play area for your children to make the outdoors look neater. Pair bright, bold colors from children’s furniture with outdoor textiles to keep your personal style in there.

Outdoor dining area during the summer

Turn your patio or outdoor area into a second dining area during the summer. This area will make planting ornamental plants and spices more enjoyable.

By using the outdoor dining table and foldable chairs, as well as the addition of the KOLBJÖRN stackable shelving unit, you can store a variety of cutlery and gardening utensils – and of course still have plenty of room to socialize while enjoying the warmth of the sun!

Create your own picnic area

Turn your terrace into a pleasant outdoor dining area. With a wooden picnic table you can bring out a natural feel and create a holiday atmosphere whenever you eat with your family. Add a festival touch! A multicolored pendant lamp is a great choice for functional decor – it looks beautiful by day, bright and lively at night. Have a relaxing area in the outdoor dining area by placing a garden bench and comfortable sitting cushions. And with hidden storage space on a park bench, you always have a place to store extra sitting cushions.

Cozy dinner on the balcony? Why not

Have a large enough balcony? Take advantage of the area and make a dining room like a bistro. Use chain lights as decorative lighting for an instagramable outdoor dining space. To make your balcony look fresher, you can combine various potted plants, from those placed on the floor or hanging flower pots to save space – don’t forget to provide a sprinkler to care for your plant collection. By having a pleasant outdoor dining area, now you don’t need to book a restaurant for a romantic dinner with your partner.

For a barbecue party or just chatting

Take advantage of your ample back porch by creating a cozy barbecue party area. A wooden dining table that can be folded and adjusted for size makes it easy for you when additional guests suddenly arrive. To make sure the barbecue is comfortable, you can place a seat / back pillow on each dining chair. Also add an outdoor carpet that is rain and dust resistant for a more homey look. And if the weather isn’t so favorable, umbrella tents can protect the barbecue party from going according to plan.

When looking at various types of materials, you also have a choice of using a variety of colors and patterns. Using various color and patterned materials gives your outdoor room a distinctive style that is sure to make your house stand out from the rest of your neighbors. The key to getting your outdoor rooms ideas to work is in planning ahead so that you can choose the best way to incorporate the design you have chosen into your house. Find the Best Furniture at IKEA.


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