Cute and Simple Storage Items For Your Bathrooms

One of the most important factors in deciding which cute and simple storage items for bathrooms are right for you is what type of bathroom furniture you already have. Are you one of those people that prefer clean lines, or are you more into an antique look? If you do a lot of research on the internet and in magazines then you can find just about any type of cute and simple storage that is perfect for your home.

Cute and simple storage items for bathroom shelving are generally made out of wood, although there are some that are made from glass or plastic if that is what your cabinets currently are made out of. These items usually come in a variety of sizes and you will be able to find the perfect one to use for your situation. Many people like to use these types of storage items in conjunction with other bathroom accessories such as towel racks, shelves and mirrors. They also make great decorative pieces that can really bring the life back into any room that needs it.

Storage Bathrooms Ideas

Barrel Shower Caddy – Bamboo caddy with structural metal rods and space for shampoo, bath soap, razors, and more.

Briya Bathroom Storage Basket – A boho-inspired seagrass storage basket, ideal for hiding cluttered items.

Briya Standing Bathroom Storage Caddy – This boho, bathroom storage caddy has a covered basket that rests on a four-foot stand with an open base shelf.

Carter Triangle Bracket Wall Shelf – Modern small wall shelves made of natural plywood are firmly placed on top of triangular metal brackets.

Macramé Catch All Basket – Perfect for keeping blankets, magazines and trinkets out of sight, this UO-exclusive macramé basket is so boho.

Marble 4-Part Organizer Tray – The 4-part regulator features compartments divided at various levels and heights, in super fine marble resin.

Marble Makeup Brush Holder – Perfect for setting up your essential tools for a flawless look, this marble makeup brush holder offers a chic makeup look.

Rattan Arc Wall Shelf – Perfect for setting up your essential tools for a flawless look, this marble makeup brush holder offers a chic makeup look.

Rattan Daisy Wall Shelf – The signature flower power makes this rattan wall shelf stand out inspired by boho.

Sabina Makeup Organizer – Show off your favorite beauty purchases at this chic organizer, featuring separate compartments for all your needs.

Sloth Shower Caddy – Grip the sloth design around the shower with a suction cup at the back to keep it safe. With shelves and plus a wine glass place.

Tooletries Toiletry Wall Organizer – Place them on glass, mirrors or tiles to complete the small bathroom space and create regular storage space.

Storage and Decoration

If you are trying to decide which cute storage item for bathroom you should purchase then you should take into consideration what your current decor is. So, what would work best in your bathroom? Then, what would go better with your existing decor? And the answers to these questions will help you narrow down your options and find the perfect items for your home. Once you have purchased your items then you can sit back and enjoy them, because they are going to be your new storage area! From Urban Outfitters.


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