45 Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Design Trends

As Scandinavian cuisine is as diverse as the Scandinavian nations themselves. There are many modern design trends that you can use. To create a great looking Scandinavian kitchen that is not only functional, but also striking. These modern Scandinavian kitchen design trends include kitchen islands, island bar tops, and country kitchens.

The best part about modern Scandinavian kitchen design trends is that they have evolved over the years. Rather than focusing on what was traditional in years past, they focus on what is unique to today’s world. One of the most interesting modern design trends is kitchen islands. These islands are basically small islands with drawers underneath, to hold appliances, storage, or counter space.

Scandinavian Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are quite common among Scandinavians. You can get a kitchen island in either a traditional white or in a color that is more appropriate for a Scandinavian home. Because of the islands, you’ll find that your kitchen is not only functional, but it will also be more visually appealing.

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If you are going for an island, you may want to choose your island wisely. Many islands come in solid wood, but other woods are becoming popular, such as teak. This choice is entirely up to you.

You can also have a country kitchen. Country kitchens are typically smaller than islands but can also come in traditional country themed themes.

Finally, you can have a contemporary look. A contemporary look is one that has a very clean appearance, usually with stainless steel appliances, black cabinets, and white countertops. This look is often a little harder to achieve, because it takes some creativity and imagination.

In conclusion, when you are considering what type of kitchen design trends you want for your home, consider the Scandinavian designs of yesteryear. By combining a traditional and contemporary look, you can easily transform your home into something much more appealing than it originally was.

These modern Scandinavian kitchen design trends can help you create a home you will enjoy for years to come. So while they may not be traditional, these modern Scandinavian kitchen design trends can still provide you with a sense of pride in your home. And, they are stylish!


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