36 DIY Kitchen Island with Breakfast Bar

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For many people the best way to enjoy a breakfast in their own kitchen is by combining the convenience of a traditional breakfast bar with an island. An island is similar to a bar area except it provides seating around a central table for your meals or drinks. The benefit of the island is that you can make use of all of the space and counter space available while still enjoying all the food preparation functions that are necessary to prepare any kind of meal. In some cases, however, a traditional breakfast bar may not provide the same amount of room needed for a comfortable eating experience.

This can be a problem especially if you have a long table and have to move all of your food and beverages to a breakfast bar when you need to feed a large group of people. If this is the case then you will want to consider using an island instead of a breakfast bar. By doing so you will be able to take advantage of more space in your kitchen while still enjoying a nice breakfast meal.

The Advantages Of The Breakfast Bar

Although an island makes more sense for a large gathering of people, there are times when you will need more space to prepare your meals. A breakfast bar will provide you with more room for storing a variety of items and other things that can be used to prepare a variety of different meals. The island can be used for extra seating while cooking is taking place.

Before you start to add more furniture to your kitchen, you may want to make sure that you have an island already available. An island allows you to utilize the available space in your kitchen without having to purchase more furniture and cabinets. You can place several tables around the island and use it for additional storage space and also make use of the counter space underneath to prep food or clean up after the meal is over. Even though the island is not as large as a conventional breakfast bar, you still have a great deal of space to work with.

Formal Look

If you are looking to create a more formal look in your kitchen then you should consider purchasing a breakfast bar to complete the look. This type of island can help you create a very formal look while still using most of the space available in your kitchen. With a breakfast bar you can create a seating area around the island that can make use of the countertop area beneath and then add a bar area to the side. This allows you to utilize the space underneath the island in order to prepare a variety of different items for the meal.

Having a breakfast bar will give you the ability to use the entire area in your kitchen in order to prepare dishes and drinks. It will provide you with the storage space needed to store anything else that will be used during the course of your meal. This is certainly a useful feature to have if you have children or visitors at home. You will be able to accommodate a wide variety of people in your kitchen without having to worry about them occupying too much space.

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