+44 Finding Dark Kitchen Cabinets and Light Granite

For a bright, cheery look to your kitchen, the right combination of dark kitchen cabinets and light granite countertops is sure to impress. Both materials exude a warm, inviting tone, allowing your cooking to shine through and giving you peace of mind that no harmful chemicals or hazardous cleaning products will be used in the upkeep of your kitchen.

The first thing that will give your kitchen the impression of being brighter is the use of lighting fixtures. You can have a single, large fixture or perhaps a chandelier that can add to the overall atmosphere of your kitchen. You can either install the lighting yourself or have it professionally installed by a qualified professional.


When it comes to choosing the right fixtures for your kitchen, it’s important to make sure that they provide just enough light for whatever task you are trying to accomplish. Many people think that the brighter the light, the better. This is definitely not the case and as such, a fixture with only the barest amount of light is sufficient for any task.

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Dark kitchen cabinets are great for showcasing foods. You’ll find that when you have a dark kitchen, it can also make it seem more like your kitchen is more intimate. This is because you don’t have so many things on display and this makes it seem like it has been taken from you and is now your kitchen’s main piece of furniture. This will certainly take the guesswork out of lighting choices.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets and Light Granite

Light granite countertops are also great for highlighting certain things in your kitchen. Because it looks so elegant and natural, you can bring out your favorite spices and other items in your kitchen that are normally kept in the shadows. If you have a particularly well-lit area, such as an island, then the granite may not be necessary, but if there is less lighting around, then this is a good choice. Just be sure that the granite is placed strategically throughout your kitchen in order to get the most out of its natural light.

In conclusion, while dark kitchen cabinets and light granite countertops are certainly a wonderful addition to your kitchen, you should always keep in mind that they are only used to accentuate. and not to hide. In other words, don’t feel the need to hide your appliances or other features of your kitchen if you don’t want to!


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