45+ Facts About Bathroom Shelves Over Toilet Modern

Solution For Bathroom Storage With Shelves Over Toilet

You have a lovely modern bathroom shelves over toilet, with a brand new bathtub, stunning vanity unit, and a classy shower cubicle that looks like it’s out of a movie set. You walk in to enjoy a long soak in the bath, and find the whole scene spoiled by the clutter of toiletries and other items left just lying around by the family. It takes very little clutter to ruin the overall impact of a bathroom, especially a small one.

Take a quick look around, and you will probably see there is not much making the bathroom look untidy. There is a quick solution which many people never consider for such a problem.

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Shelves Over Toilet Ideas

If you have never thought of using that space above the toilet for storage, then surely you should. Even in a small bathroom, there is usually space there you can use for extra storage, and get that surplus clutter under control. Then it’s just a matter of disciplining yourself and the rest of the family to tidy up after using the bathroom.

Over toilet shelves and cabinets need not just be for storage. With clever choice of design, they can do two other things. Firstly, they can enhance your bathroom decor, just like a piece of furniture anywhere else in the home. Secondly, they can distract from the toilet itself, so that it no longer stands out like a sore thumb in isolation. Useful as a toilet may be, they tend not to be attractive decor.

Over the toilet shelves can me made from wood or metal, so whether you have a gleaming modern bathroom with lots of stainless steel or chrome, or a traditional one with wooden vanity and linen cabinet, you should be able to find shelving that will match. Nonetheless, toilet cabinets are abundantly available, with the majority in white, so finding one to match your bathroom decor should not be too much of a chore.


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