41 + Types Of Guest Bathroom Ideas Half Bath Floating Shelves

Additions of a half bath increases the resale value of your house to a great extent. Not only that you offer your guests separate bathroom at the same time. Privacy is kept intact. You do not want guest to walk through your bedroom. Then it is possibly the best solution for you. Once you install half bath in your home it indicates your personal choice. So you must decorate it uniquely packed with latest styles.

You have to design it in very small space. A small one can be of 4 feet by 4 feet or 16 square feet which is considerably less amount of space occupied by it. Basically you install shower, toilet, sink and bathtub in your bath room. But in case of half bath you only manage to set up toilet and sink.

Using floating shelves for storage in the half bath

Floating shelves don’t have traditional brackets that can get in the way of your efforts to create a beautiful wall design. Instead, they have internal brackets that usually fill the entire shelf depth. They are installed in such a way that you never see the brackets at all. This is done by sliding the shelf onto the bracket by creating an opening at the back of the shelf. This method creates a cleaner and sleeker appearance. By using this type of shelf, you can make your half bath look neat and clean.

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The floating shelf looks fragile to the naked eye due to the way it sits on the wall. All the workings of the brackets are hidden so that they seem to be floating on the wall. In reality these racks are usually stronger than other types of racks which are supported by traditional brackets and screws.

Floating shelves not only work, they are also beautiful. You can find it wood finishes in all colors for a rich traditional look. If your half bath is more modern or art deco, there are several manufacturers that make floating shelves from a tough, durable resin material. You can find them in all colors on the spectrum. This is a big plus if you have a color theme in your half bath. There are many different designs for this shelf; there are slim, sleek shelves and shelves with a very intricate design along the edges. Whatever your style, I’m sure you’ll find a floating shelf set to match your half bath décor.


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