45 The Top Secret Truth on Soapstone Countertops Kitchen White Cabinets Revealed

Soapstone – a form of metamorphic rock containing magnesium, dolomite and talc – is so named because touching its surface produces a tactile sensation very similar to dry bar soap. Geologically, it is related to marble, which has long been valued as a surface in homes and buildings dating from the Hellenistic Age. Unlike marble, soapstone are easier to care for and cheaper than marble surfaces.

The scientific name for soapstone is steatite. Like quartz, marble, and even diamonds, the materials on which the soapstone countertop is based began its existence deep beneath the planet’s surface. There, he was subjected to pressure and heat of unimaginable magnitude. Under this pressure, this proto-rock transformed, or turned into what we know as soapstone.

Why Should You Consider Soapstone Countertops?

If you know a lot of ways to cook, you are sure to be aware of the kind of abuse countertops have to endure, especially when it comes to stains. In fact, soapstone – unlike its geological cousin, marble – is chemically inactive, and will not react with acids or alkalis. This means that almost no spills will cause permanent stains – just wipe or wipe off the surface with a little fine sandpaper, and it’s good as new!

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The soap stone countertop also offers high aesthetic value; this is what is known as a schist, which means it has a grained appearance like wood and marble. There are many different colors, types and treatments for soapstone countertops; You should have a little trouble finding a color that matches any color scheme or decor. It offers versatility, durability, ease of care, and a unique type of beauty. Soap stone countertops are one of the best and ultimately, the most economical way to upgrade your kitchen.

Soapstone Countertops With White Cabinets

As it is known that there are many benefits in using Soapstone on your kitchen countertop. After that you also have to be able to choose which cabinets are suitable for them. One of the cabinet colors, white, is the most preferred for black soapstone, but many also combine it with lighter colors, such as gray or even white. The most important thing is to see that the result of your choice is the best from it. The white cabinet will clearly show a clean and elegant look to your kitchen. A sleek and traditional look, which is present in many farmhouses around the world. The combination of many choices and very beautiful for your kitchen appearance.


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