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Decorating your college dorm room can present some challenges. College dorm room ideas are limited by a few restrictions such as size and possibly roommates. This can be a definite stumbling block to a truly exotic or radical decor idea. It might be a good idea not to go too far as you should be studying in this room too.

But the good thing about college dorm rooms is that they are small and cheap enough to decorate with. And since you won’t have much space, it shouldn’t be difficult to completely redo it if you get tired of your current decor. Sometimes small is great and the little things can completely change the look and feel of any small room.

There are some great college dorm room ideas that are super easy to do and won’t hurt you. One great decorating idea is to do a seasonal style that you can change as the seasons change. The good thing about this pack is that you can redo your room every few months. It gives you some built-in variations over time and can be fun and easy.

College Dorm Decoration With Pillows

The easiest thing is to decorate your bed with decorative pillows. It doesn’t cost much and you will get extra comfort while you sleep. You can customize the theme by preparing some pillowcases that you like. Autumn, winter and spring can be expressed in many ways and colors.

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Even if you want to keep it simple, there are other easy ways to brighten up any room. Curtains, blinds, decorative wall hangings can all match colors and make a big impact. Throw pillows, different sheets, small rugs and plants can completely change the look of any small space. A bullet board decorated to match the holiday or current season can add fresh color and you can get creative as you wish.

College dorm room ideas are all about expressing yourself. You can start the year with an idea and change it whenever you want. The point is to create a bit of identity and separate you from other people. People go through a lot of changes in college and this is a great way to give you an outlet for expression. You may not want to get too crazy and stick to the guidelines for boarding rules but you can definitely create your own private area.


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