46+ Top Dorm Room Ideas Organization Desk Guide!

Decorating a dorm room is often a challenge, due to its very small size. However, by maximizing the storage in your room, you can make the most of your small dorm room. The extra storage space will also help solve clutter issues, another common dorm room problem. Especially for setting up a desk in a dormitory with limited space. If you or someone in your family is going to college soon, here are some great solutions to the small dorm room dilemma.

Double Duty Furniture Pieces

When faced with small room decor, multi-purpose furniture is a great choice. Look for furniture that provides hidden storage, such as headboards with detachable tops, desk and ends that have drawers, and beds that have drawers underneath. These items will provide much-needed storage space, in addition to reducing visual clutter.

Maximize Your Desk Space

The table is a very important feature in a dorm room, as it will be used for homework and study. Find a desk large enough to accommodate your computer and any books you plan to use, apart from providing ample writing space. You’ll be using your desk a lot, so buy a bigger one even if you don’t have much space in the room. Or, look for a loft bed that provides desk space underneath. Shelving units or peg boards that hang on the wall behind the counter can also be great ways to provide easy storage for smaller items. Using a floor lamp instead of a table lamp on the table will also help give you more usable table surface space.

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Maximizing Rack Space

Shelves are also an important feature when decorating a dorm room. When given a choice, always choose full-height bookshelves over shorter ones, as you’ll get additional storage space without sacrificing additional floor space. If you are allowed to install wall shelves, this can also be a great solution. Bookshelves and shelves make your budget easier, especially if you’re looking for a unit you can assemble yourself. Or, try to make your own unique cubicle storage space by stacking plastic milk crates on the side. You can tie them together to give your storage unit a little more stability if necessary.

Choosing the Perfect Bed

The loft bed is a classic choice for a dorm room. This bed is designed to allow you to maximize the space under the bed for other purposes. A standard bed with drawers underneath is also a good choice. A quality mattress can also be a good choice. However, when choosing a mattress, always pay attention to the quality of the mattress and the sturdiness of its construction. If you plan to sleep on the mattress every night, it is very important to provide the right support and comfort. Whichever bed you choose, you will probably use it for reading, studying, and watching television, in addition to sleeping, so choose a firm bed that fits the task.


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