46 What the Pros Are Not Saying About False Ceiling Design Living Rooms India Simple

Once upon a time, the ceiling was the most neglected part of the house. If closed, it is done for the sole purpose of hiding ugly cables or cracks in the ceiling. When designers storm their brains on the aspect of home improvement, ceilings grab their attention and earn old respect. So the concept of the ‘False ceiling’ was born. Not long after, false ceilings became one of the requirements for designing a fashionable and chic interior that soon became a trend. Whatever the history, let’s live in the present and get some amazing ideas about false ceilings to further enhance the beauty of our home interiors. Let me see!

If your ceilings is low, this can make the room appear smaller and more enclosed. You can make your ceilings appear much higher, so that the room opens up visually! A few simple tricks can transform your living room from looking claustrophobic to one that looks spacious, airy, and open. In this article you will find some useful techniques for expanding your living room, giving the impression of a higher ceiling.

Remove wall applications that are shortening walls

The things that make your walls appear shorter visually lower the ceiling. For this reason, you may want to remove chair rails, panels, wallpaper, or other applications that are only installed on half the wall. This type of decor cuts through the walls, making them appear much shorter than they really are.

What you want to avoid when making your ceilings look taller is to cut your wall in half with panels, wallpaper, and other decorations. If you like panels and want to use them, pick a light color and bring them up the wall to the ceiling.

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Tricks to make your ceiling look higher

One easy way to make your ceiling appear taller is to continue the color of your ceiling onto the wall. If your ceiling is brown or beige, continue to paint the walls in one horizontal line. Consider ceilings tiles made of metal for a mirror effect; the reflection makes the room appear bigger than it really is. The white tile will also make the ceilings appear taller.

Paint is an easy way to raise your ceiling, and it’s also affordable and on a budget. To prevent the ceilings from approaching you, consider painting the walls and ceilings a muted white or sand color. Light colors open up space; less dark color.

Another great idea is to hang a light lamp or ceiling fan in the middle of the room to draw attention upward. Avoid fixtures that appear large or bulky, as this can make the ceiling appear lower.

Curtains and accessories can visually make the ceiling higher

A few easy, subtle changes can make your ceiling appear taller. Consider hanging curtains or drapes near the ceilings; A long line of curtains will make the room appear taller. Avoid short curtains or stopping at the window sill, instead bring them to the floor. The rock around the fireplace, if lifted up to the ceilings, will lengthen the walls and make the ceilings appear higher too.

Choose accessories that offer a long slimming effect. An artificial tree that is taller than usual, a tall vase filled with dried flowers, and a bookshelf that extends to the ceilings will add height to your living room, making the short ceilings appear much taller.

Older homes often have very short ceilings, which can give the room a squatting effect. Use the tips above to decorate your living room, and you will see that the room looks open and much more spacious!


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