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While there are many different ways to organize your living room, the classic setup remains a favorite. Classic layouts are natural for a traditional style living room. However, even if your living room is designed in a more contemporary style, there are still classic elements that can work well. If you’re looking to add classic beauty to your room, here are some styling tips that can help.

Balance is the Key

When arranging a classic living room, balance is one of the most important factors that must be considered. Furniture pieces, accessories, and artwork will look great if you keep a balance. When arranging furniture, this means that you have to arrange your things so that both sides of the room have the same number of pieces. However, sometimes a good balance will require that one larger part be balanced by two smaller portions.

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You can also enhance the appearance of the room by placing the furniture in the middle of the wall, or according to the position of the window. Pillow cushions look best when used even numbers, such as placing a pillow or two on each end of the sofa. Wall art will also look best centered, such as hanging a picture over a sofa or sconce on either side of a fireplace or doorway.

Classic Living Room Arrangements

Placing a sofa against the longest wall or in front of a large window can add a classic touch. If you have a television in the room, usually position it across from the sofa for easy viewing. For large living rooms, you may want to create more than one conversation area. But in doing so, you still have to pay attention to balance.

Classic living room plans are generally designed in such a way that the main path through the room does not directly cut off the main conversation area. For example, you don’t want to place sofas and chairs on opposite sides of the front door. Instead, create your conversation area in the corner across the room. If you create more than one conversation area, make sure the main line cuts between these two areas, not directly through one of them.


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