+43 New Step by Step Roadmap for Mozart Blue Benjamin Moore Kitchen Cabinets

There are many shades of blue from the darkest dark blue that reminds us of the night sky to the paleest duck eggs. Light blue is often the go-to color for classic kitchens because of its freshness – it certainly has a hygienic feel, but you have to be careful when choosing a color that makes a kitchen feel cool rather than comfortable. In addition, there is also a blue color that is currently being looked at by the kitchen owner for their cabinets, Mozart Blue. This color is part of the Benjamin Moore Classics®. This collection features Benjamin Moore’s favorites in a style that complements the timeless appeal from traditional to modern and everything in between.

Mozart Blue For Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets don’t have to be white! Go bold with dark blues like Hague Blue for a modern and moody look, or use Palladian Blue to give your space a relaxed beach vibe. I’ve put together a list of my favorite blue paint colors and also rounded up Mozart Blue ideas for gorgeous blue kitchen cabinets to inspire you. Enjoy!

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Here are a few ways that blue works well in the kitchen

Select Blue with Green Hints

While pure pale blue can feel a little on the cool side, you can warm it up a little by adding a little green or two. This will provide you with a variety of colors from aqua green blue and duck egg to rich turquoise.

Use Blue as a Component in the Pattern

Blue has great potential to mix with other colors and goes well with many shades. You’ll find them paired nicely with pinks and yellows in a chintzy floral pattern that’s perfect for a country kitchen. You can also use a darker blue if it is broken up in a toile type pattern or on gingham or striped fabric.

Blue Is Very Contrast

Blue used as a contrast with a more cheerful color is suitable for kitchen cabinets. For example, you might have sky-blue walls without making a cold impression if you cheer them up with sky blue and yellow striped kitchen curtains or blinds.

Blue with Warm Wood

If you go for blue with plain white glossy kitchen cabinets you will definitely give your room a cool feeling but if you use sky blue walls alongside warm colored wood like beech or pine then you will find that it works well. So, turquoise works really well with darker colored wood and lifts an entire room.

Avoid Dark Blue and Navy

Dark blues and navy blues don’t usually look great in large areas in kitchens. (While you’ll always find an exception that looks stunning, the average home decorator won’t get great results with these colors. Because these shades require meticulous handling with good lighting and the right accessories). If you want to use a dark blue kitchen, use it for a small area – maybe one wall and a few accessories as well as make the contrast of the other walls paler.


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