+42 Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Modern Kitchen Cabinets Wood Mid Century

When it comes to creating beautiful cooking spaces, some decorating trends have noticeable staying power. Case in point: Modern mid century inspired kitchen. From colorful appliances to patterned desks and flat front cabinets to retro accessories, classic elements like these add warmth and personality to a contemporary home. The best part? Adding a little mid century whimsy to your cooking space doesn’t have to be kitschy – unless that’s what you want.

Wooden Cabinets In Mid Century Kitchen Designs

Wooden cabinets are the ideal choice for any kitchen design. There is a clear difference between solid wood and chipboard with veneered finish and in most cases you can hardly tell the difference between the two, which is why any supplier you choose should have an excellent reputation in the industry, providing you with the highest quality product that can add to your the value of your home.

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Wooden cabinets are very durable and long lasting, which means the money you are spending now will last for many years. Unlike poor quality products that will need to be replaced within the next year or two, this option can last for years, making it a cost-effective solution to perfecting your kitchen design.

Choice of colors in a medieval kitchen

Bold color combinations are the hallmark of a classic mid-century kitchen. In the modern cooking room featured in Harvey Maria, hues of greens as well as turquoise appear in pale cabinets and retro white tableware.

Beautifully crafted mid-century furniture is an investment in a durable style. In the kitchen set dining table and also antique teak chairs elevate a relaxed breakfast corner to an elegant dining area. The floor is made of contemporary cork tiles featuring a medieval inspired tile pattern.

This is a simple and stylish example by Oregon-based interior design firm Sarah Phipps Design. The small space features clean lines as well as smooth surfaces, which are the hallmarks of mid-century modern style. Source : thespruce.


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