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The modern farmhouse style is one of the most popular home decor trends today. The desire to create retro, neo-rustic living spaces reflects our nostalgia for slower and simpler times. Taking cues from a rustic getaway from a rustic escape fantasy, modern rustic bathrooms often use new retro-styled finishes and fixtures to create the ideal, highly functional version of our dream country chic rustic home bathroom. So, this might mean swapping out a hardwood floor for a really convincing wood effect tile, looking for a new claw-foot tub and vintage-style plinth, or a farmhouse sink for an old-style plumbing fixture.

An antique mirror hung above the sink, a thrift store dresser repurposed as a sink vanity, a refinished salvaged claw-foot tub or reclaimed hardwood flooring can add a load of charm to a space. When styling your farmhouse bathroom, look for little details that will add a humble, rustic, homey touch, like wire or wicker baskets for storage, vintage doorknobs or towel racks, thrift store paintings, and objects and finishes with a weathered patina that look like they have stories to tell.

Spend time in the cozy rustic bathroom

Metal art adds that atmosphere of rustic living for everyone. There are many items that have a practical as well as decorative role in your bathroom.

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Remember that items that have that hand-crafted look also look great in a rustic bathroom. This makes some of your interior decorating practically free and then better yet, a lot more friendly to mother nature. So go ahead, start that project now so you could enjoy the perks of having your beautiful rustic bathroom decor.


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