+45 Know What the Experts Think About Kitchen Dining Room Lounge

Not everyone has the luxury of a separate kitchen and dining area in their home, so how do you manage to get the two rooms together? From country kitchens to examples that prove you can keep every area different, here’s design ideas from this archive showing you how to do it.

Open Concept Kitchen Dining

It is necessary to have an open floor plan for your kitchen because the kitchen is not only a place to cook or eat, but also a place for family and even friends to gather. With all this in mind, you need to prepare a floor plan that gives you ample space to work with easily.

To prepare the perfect open kitchen with dining area, an effective open floor plan is inevitable. Depending on how you plan to use your kitchen, a layout plan will need to be prepared. You can always seek help with custom designs from the many available sources.

But the most important aspect of any open floor plan is the purpose of the area. What is your cooking style as well as the requirements of the cook need to be considered. Kitchen plans that give families the opportunity to spend valuable time together while eating in the dining room are considered effective.

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Kitchen Triangle Ideas

Making a kitchen fit in and around the available space is a task in itself. A solid open floor plan should be made so that the kitchen doesn’t look too monotonous. There should be a good connection between the cooking area, sink and refrigerator.

The right plan for storage needs such as cabinets, shelves and drawers needs to be made professionally. And this is where interior designers can be of great help. However, for those who can’t afford this option, there are tons of design software available for compiling your kitchen floor plans.

Working Triangle Open Floor

When seeking expert guidance, it’s often used to refer to an open floor plan as a “working triangle” which is your regular path as you move around the kitchen cooking area, sink, and refrigerator. The most famous kitchen triangles are L-shape, U-shape, G-shape, single wall and gallery plans.

L-shape: One of the most common open floor plans, it doesn’t take up much space but is very flexible. This is useful when there is an adjoining space area next to the kitchen.

U-shape: By placing the three work areas each on a separate wall, the U-shaped open floor plan provides a large storage area.

G-shape: Although very similar to the U-shaped kitchen layout, the only difference is the addition of a fourth half wall that can be used for additional cabinets.

Single wall or straight kitchens: Built for smaller homes, this open floor plan works like a line by placing all three kitchen zones along one wall.

Gallery or corridor kitchens: In a plan like this one, the work stations face each other on opposite walls creating a kitchen triangle.

You also need to determine the available budget. Only then can you create the perfect open floor plan that suits you the most.


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