+ 38 Lake House Basement Family Room Tips & Guide

The best family room design ideas for lake house plans revolve around beach and ocean colors, shapes, textures, and accessories. Bright colors, bright, rough, textures like sand, and interesting finds can help bring the outside in, and all are important elements in the interior design of a lake house. Another important consideration is practicality, as furniture and textiles must be sturdy enough to withstand wet objects and salt air, in addition to being attractive and comfortable.

The lake house design colors reflect the sand, sea, sky and sunshine found by the sea. Bright, bright yellows and whites help bring outdoor light in. Blue colors ranging from dark blue to bright blue reflect the changing color of the sea. Ecru, taupe and beige tones help complement these colors, and are reminiscent of sand. The overall effect of the beach house design is airy and light, to create a relaxing oasis away from the cramped city life for the family room.

Lake House Basement Family Room

With modern society as it is today, family time can be somewhat limited. An option for the basement is to renovate it so that it is a great place for the whole family to relax, enjoy and rest. The first, unenviable, task is to clear out the basement – you will be surprised at home much space there is once everything is out.

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Next you need to clean and prepare all the floors and walls in the basement. Vacuum, wipe down and de-cobweb the whole place. It is advised to have the room dry walled and painted a neutral color. Additionally, get hold of a dehumidifier to get rid of the access moisture.

Finally, it’s time to be creative and add some family flair to the room. It depends what you all enjoy, a big sofa with a huge screen can make it a home cinema. Alternatively, it could be more of a recreational family room with a pool table, music system and that sort of thing for all to use.

The beauty of a family room is that you can also entertain guests there when having gatherings and parties. It’s largely up to you what you have down there but they can even be sound-proofed if you think you might need it.

Using textures in lake house plans is a great way to add interest. Lake houses are traditionally more casual than town houses, and coarse textured fabrics like wool or even treated burlap can help achieve this mismatch. To create a comfortable family space, the lake house is one design that has it all. Starting from the atmosphere and also the type of furniture and decoration. You shouldn’t hesitate to have one for your family.


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