47 Why People Aren’t Discussing Kitchen Dining Room Combo Small Layout and What You Should Know

When it comes to small kitchen layout, you need to know and understand the basic principles in order to be able to determine the best layout for your home. In the kitchen, the basic and important thing you need to keep in mind is functionality in order to be able to identify the right layout for your kitchen.

The main jobs or kitchen functions include:

  • The preparation and cooking station
  • Wash or clean the station
  • Food storage station

Ensuring that all three stations are strategically designed within a working triangle will help you with the proper flow of traffic in your kitchen. The work triangle helps someone to properly design or plan the layout of your small kitchen. This is done by drawing imaginary triangles for the three main workstations. As a rule of thumb, the circumference of the working triangle should be less than 26 feet.


Even if you have a small kitchen space, there are a variety of small kitchen layouts that better suit your needs and lifestyle. Each of the four main layouts has its own advantages.

G-Shaped Kitchen

This type of layout offers plenty of space with plenty of cabinet space, ideal for large families that need large storage space, great for cooking a lot. Plus, the extra cabinet legs can be turned into a breakfast corner or mini bar.

U-Shaped Kitchen

This is the most common type of layout due to its efficient working triangle. Like the G-shaped layout, one cabinet leg can be turned into a breakfast bar.

L-Shaped Kitchen

This layout provides the compact and most flexible working triangle of all layouts.

The Corridor / Galley Kitchen

This is very attractive and great for those with small kitchen spaces. The good thing about this kind of layout is that you can easily maneuver or reach your equipment.

Single Wall / Pullman Kitchen

It is more suitable for contemporary homes, apartments also small houses that give it an open and airy feel.

So with this information, you can start planning and choosing the layout of your small kitchen. Always keep the work triangle concept in mind and you will be able to remodel or find the perfect small kitchen layout that is just right for you and your family.

Dining Room Kitchen Combo Small Layout

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What are the benefits of having a combined small kitchen and dining room ?

  • Opens up the space – with no walls to separate the rooms, you get one big multi-function room as well as are not limited to a small kitchen or a small dining room
  • Makes entertaining easier – a kitchen and dining room combo allows the cook to still be a host to guests, and for guests to help in preparing food, a great way to connect
  • Can be designed several ways – so you can separate the kitchen from the dining room by using different decorating schemes, or take the seamless approach by decorating them the same way


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