35+ The Debate Over Spare Bathroom Ideas Guest Bath Colour Schemes

Choosing the perfect bathroom colour schemes can be daunting. There’s not always a lot of room to work with, and you’ll want to choose a palette you’ll love for a long time, because remodeling a bathroom can be tough work, and it’s not always cheap! That’s why it’s important to create an eye-catching bathroom color scheme, and it can be very rewarding if you know you’ve got it right.

First, it’s important to know if you want your bathroom colour schemes to be bold and bold, or if you prefer a room that gives off a more spa-like vibe. Either decision has the potential to amaze, and both leave plenty of room to showcase your personality and creativity. Whether you have enough space for a sink and tub for her and hers, or your dressing room is a luxurious wardrobe, there’s always room for the perfect bathroom color scheme. From paints to tiled and subtle accents, here are seven beautiful bathroom ideas to help inspire you.

Bathroom Color Schemes: Blue and White

Choosing a multicolored patterned tile is a great way to add an exotic splash to a neutral bathroom. Instead of gorgeous geometric patterns flooding the space, it is used in bursts, forming a sky-blue chevron pattern from subway tiles. Over the backsplash, a simple white paint complements the white toilet and tub, creating a clean yet bright look.

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Bathroom Color Schemes: White

The white bathroom color scheme may not sound all that exciting, but the beauty lies in the details. Large wall tiles pair with small styles in bathroom and shower floors, creating the illusion of space and more texture. Warmth is created by a wooden dressing table with a large white sink and simple black fixtures. Finally, the splash of greenery hanging high in the room lends additional life to the room.

Bathroom Color Schemes: Black, White and Gold

Black, white, and bold, this geometric backsplash tile makes the perfect bathroom design accent. Eye-catching tiles look great when combined into a small bathroom color scheme, but it’s important to simplify the rest of the design. Here, they offer a little break in addition to stunning gold fixtures, as well as black and gold geometric mirrors. White subway tile complements the rest of the bathroom so as not to beat the geometric design.

Bathroom Color Schemes: Dusty Blue and Red

Liven up simple white walls with a bohemian bathroom color scheme. Despite the narrow space, this blue dresser looked fresh and bold around it, enhanced by the sleek black hardware. The addition of a colorful kilim rug over the starburst tiles gives the room a warm and cozy feeling.

Bathroom Color Schemes: Wood

Don’t usually think of a bathroom color scheme centered around wood? Think again! The design of a bathroom like this sauna is modern and attractive, simplified by the various shapes and textures of the wood elements. The larger wall and ceiling tiles (and the deadly skylight and shower head) are juxtaposed with the thin wood floor tiles that lengthen the space. The wooden shelves and little white planters give this bathroom a jungle feel that’s sure to nourish the soul.

Bathroom Color Schemes: Green and Pink

Fact: Green and pink work together wonderfully. Green is a natural color that is warm and soothing, and there is no better companion for this floral wallpaper than a bathtub bursting in pink. Gold hardware and a towel rack add warmth to both elements, giving the bathroom a cozy yet sophisticated cottage feel.

Bathroom Color Schemes: Gray and Gold

This sleek and sophisticated bathroom is all about balancing gold and gray. By choosing gray cement for the dresser and patterned floor tiles, the room immediately feels light and airy. Adding gold hardware, mirrors and lighting makes the room look less plain. Together, the colors really pop.


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