39 + All About Tiny House Kitchen Ideas Layout Small Spaces

Tiny House Kitchen Design

Believe it or not there are several different kitchen layouts to choose from when designing your tiny house. The kitchen can be a very personal thing and no matter the size, it is generally the heart of the home. Even people who have switched to a minimalist lifestyle and live in small houses have to eat. As in traditional homes, kitchens often take on the personality of the people who use them. Kitchen designs and would like to share just a few with you to show the wide variety available to put in your future tiny house.

Maintain Simplicity

Tiny house is known for its reputation for minimalism and few home owners actually embrace this concept, even when it comes to the kitchen. You can’t get any more minimal space than this from the tiny house kitchen. This is a great example of adding only what you need and nothing more. If you’re into a super minimalist kitchen, you can always forget about traditional appliances and go for counter-top cooking methods like toaster ovens, burners, or pots.

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Select Sides

This brings us to the next question. Where should the kitchen be placed in your home. You also have several options here. As we’ve seen, this goes great at the end of the house but also works well in a middle, kitchen style. Modern tiny living does it right by incorporating a long bar for seating or food preparation along the opposite wall of the kitchen. This is also one for the minimalists. Good use of space, it is open and provides everything you need to cook a meal.

Do you

The options are endless when designing your tiny house kitchen. You have several variations to your placement, but the possibilities are nearly limitless when it comes to design elements and tool options. As we’ve seen, some people want to go all the way and reinvent traditional kitchens with full-size appliances.

Small Kitchen Accessories

There are also many ways to maximize the space you have in your tiny kitchen. Like this cute sink cover that allows for extra prep space (or just to hide dirty dishes.


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