+ 32 Brief Article Teaches You the Ins and Outs of White Kitchen Cabinets with Granite Countertops Quartz Counter

When designing a kitchen around white cabinets, which continue to be a favorite choice among homeowners, the opportunities are practically endless. Granite, which is widely available, offers many varieties that will beautifully countertops white kitchen cabinets. Complementary countertops usually, but not always, have a light color profile similar to the color of the cabinets and offer a clean, sleek-looking kitchen. Consider the overall color and design scheme of your kitchen to narrow down the options available

Granite countertops in gray, beige and cream and white cabinets work together beautifully. The combinations are elegant and the possibilities for accent colors are endless. Granite in bright colors offers a clean look and different colored spots or veins add a unique character. A darker granite with lighter mineral specks instantly grabs attention and creates a modern look. Dark granite countertops and white kitchen cabinets are a classic combination.

Atlantis granite is an excellent example of a table top material.

Imported from India, this granite has a light beige background with brown spots, and gold, orange, and gray veins. Atlantis provides a great focal point, especially as part of the neutral color scheme and the varied colors across the plates can be used to pick out other hardware and accents in the kitchen.

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Bianco Romano granite is another example of a complementary granite type, and it perfectly accentuates a Tuscan themed kitchen.

Mined in several areas throughout Brazil, Bianco Romano granite has natural properties that appeal to many home owners. Shades of gray can vary from very light to dark blue gray in certain places. What makes Bianco Romano granite extraordinary are the occasional deep red spots that are rarely bigger than raindrops, found randomly all over the rock.

Ilhabella granite is a sophisticated choice for countertops that complements white cabinets well.

It is light gray in color with black veins and black spots consistently scattered all over the rock. Similar to marble in appearance, Ilhabela granite is one of the most popular choices for countertops. Unearthed in Brazil and China’s Fujian Province, it is one of the densest granites and has a great visual appeal. The variety of colors and patterns allows homeowners to add accents based on basic colors or patterns and patterns.

Green Butterfly Granite is a superior choice for contrasting countertops.

Imported from Brazil, the Butterfly Green granite adds a sophisticated element to any kitchen, featuring consistent jade green stone with a beautiful blend of green, white and gray, accented by yellow specks and dark black veins.

Napole’s Giallo granite is another popular choice to pair with white cabinets.

Imported from Brazil, Giallo Napole’s granite boasts consistent light gold and faded white highlights along with light burgundy specks. Due to the dark stone area, dark brown or black accents are great choices which, combined with natural lighting, will not make the room appear smaller.

Finally, it’s important to remember that each piece of granite is unique, so the background color and grain can vary. The final decision should be made only after seeing the granite in person.


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