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More and more people are turning their basements into fully equipped living as well as entertainment areas, and for many that means adding a basement kitchenette or fully equipped kitchen. Whether your goal is to create an apartment in the basement, add a bar and food preparation area, or build a hosting room for game nights, the options are endless. The important thing is to plan everything properly in advance so you know exactly how much work and money will be involved.

Make it a Kitchen Dining

If there’s something someone needs outside of the kitchen, it’s a place to eat the food they make. By making it your kitchen for dining, you will make good use of the space as well as provide your tenants with everything they need to live comfortably. All they have to do is pull up a bar stool and enjoy their dinner.

Add a dining area if you have space

If the size of your basement allows, you can create a dining area next to your kitchen. So it can serve as a good alternative to entertaining, or a more relaxed dining room if you spend more time in the basement. If you have more room to work, choose a large one with a full dining set to make it truly feel like home.

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Install Wooden Countertops

One aesthetic that’s easy to pull off in a basement is a chic industrial look. You can play with it by attaching a wooden countertop to your stainless steel sink. They will add a little softness to a cool room, as well as are perfect for a basement kitchen made for entertainment.

Stay Bright with Lots of Lights

With low ceilings and little natural light, many basements don’t have great lighting. Make sure to add lots of bright lighting to the space, including a few fixtures under the kitchen cabinets. There is nothing worse than preparing food in the kitchen and not being able to properly see what you are doing.

Get Hardwood Floors for a More Upscale Look

Many basement floors are carpet, tile, or linoleum. If you want to tidy up the room as well as make it look more luxurious, install hardwood floors. If you are considering installing an entire apartment in a basement with a kitchenette, getting a hardwood floor is a great way to start making it more attractive and livable.

Get creative with storage

The basement itself is dark, and if you have small space, adding too many cabinets can make it feel smaller and darker. You can avoid this by opting out of hanging cabinets and getting creative with storage. This kitchen is a great example of getting creative with storage. They hang their pots on the wall, their coffee mugs from under open shelves, as well as use decorative containers to store their necessities such as coffee beans.


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