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Dark Wood Countertops Ideas

Dark wood counter tops don’t usually come in one large piece of wood unless you decide to be a little exotic and choose a log cut to your liking. Then you can really have a cool looking kitchen countertops. A wood countertops is usually a piece of wood that is glued together and planned to smooth the surface. The segments of the wood countertops are arranged by paying attention to the wood grain. This will determine how the dark wood countertops will look and how strong it will be once installed.

There are three types of wood grain to consider when installing dark wood counter tops for your kitchen. The first is known as face grain which uses the surface width of the plank. Hereinafter known as edge grain which uses strips placed over the edge. The latter are known as end grains which use wooden blocks arranged with the ends pointing upward to reveal growth rings.

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Types of Wood For Dark Wood Countertops

A dark wood countertops can be built with only one type of wood if desired. Hard maple with solid grain has long been a favorite while rich grained red oak is quickly gaining popularity. Some wood countertops assemblers will mix and match different woods to make a wood countertops. The combination of Brazilian cherries and mesquite can make for some lovely tonal combinations and colors.

Some care needs to be done in caring for the dark wood countertops to maintain its shine. Wood oxidizes over time and some wood countertops will change color slightly. Wooden tables also absorb or lose moisture depending on the environment they are in. Apply a good coating to ensure that your wooden countertops remains in good working condition. The exact finish depends on your personal preference and the type of use your table will see.

With the right combination of wood, finishing and some gentle care, your dark wood countertops will last a long time. The wood grain and earth tones are sure to add warmth to your kitchen.


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