40+ Open Floor Plan Living Room and Kitchen Small Apartment Reviews & Tips

Designing an open floor plan can be a great way to make your living room and small kitchen appear more spacious. Without walls to visually divide the space, the entire area will appear larger. Even if they are the same area, most people will see the room with an open floor plan as larger than the space divided. Depending on your current living room layout, switching to an open floor plan can sometimes require large construction or wall removal. In either case, it is best to consult a builder to avoid potential problems. However, there are also a number of decorating tricks you can use to create the illusion of an open living space. If you want to give your living room a more spacious look, here are some tips you can use as inspiration.

Maximizing the Usability of the Larger Room

If your living room is spacious enough, you might end up wasting space just using it as a living room. Instead, you can simulate the look and feel of an open floor plan by dividing a large space into smaller living areas. For example, if you are currently arranging living room furniture on the walls of the room, try to pull some parts to the center. Instead of making wide-spaced cuts, make the living room area smaller and more intimate. You can then use the rest of the room for other purposes.

For example, you could create a small kitchen area in one corner of the living room, thus creating an open floor plan between these two “rooms.” Or, create a small home office, family library, or reading area in a similar way. You may be surprised how spacious the room is once you divide it into two different living rooms. This setup is also very useful if you’re doing a lot of entertainment, as you can effectively create several intimate conversation areas rather than one room that’s too large.

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Connecting Kitchen, Dining and Living Room Areas

Many homeowners have the desire to connect the kitchen and dining room, or the living and dining room. By connecting these two spaces, the entire area naturally appears larger. A connected kitchen and dining area can also make entertainment easier. When the room is not shared, guests will feel like you are mixing with you in the kitchen as you cook, creating a friendlier and more sociable environment. In most cases, the walls must be removed to achieve this goal. Before trying to remove a wall, it is very important to consult an expert. If you accidentally remove a load-bearing wall, you can create a potentially dangerous situation.

If the walls are not an integral part of your home support system, removing them can be a great option. However, even if the wall could bear the weight, that didn’t mean it couldn’t be removed at all. Experienced builders can install support beams, making it possible to remove walls if desired. In some cases, removing only the top of the wall is the preferred approach. For example, you can visually connect a room by removing the upper wall, allowing you to visually see and speak between two rooms. However, since the lower part of the wall remains intact, you can use it for cabinets and other furniture.


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