37 What Is So Fascinating About Dark Floors Grey Walls Living Room Decor

Airy Living Room with Medium Grey Walls and Dark Wood Floors

Some people think it must be difficult to create a sense of space in their living room. This is especially true when they want to combine medium or even darker grey for dark wood walls and floors for living room. Many of them think that combos will only make the interior look dull.

If you think so too, but are at the same time interested in color combinations, there is a trick you can do. This is by inserting large glass windows that face the right way to allow more sunlight into the room. To further remove the dark and dull impression, you can also include white interior trim for wall details and for window sills.

Visually Spacious Living Room with Light Gray Walls and Dark Wood Floor

For a living room like this, you can choose a lighter color to paint the walls gray because it can create a wider impression. It would be better if you also paint the ceiling in white to visually remove the low appearance.

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Soothing Living Room with Greige Walls and Gray Stained Wood Floors

Greige is another color that you can choose for your living room walls. If you are not familiar with the name, it is a combination tone of gray and beige. When paired with the right wood flooring, gray walls can create a cozy and even calming interior.

This type of wood flooring seems to prove that different shades of brown are not the only available option. Besides being able to support a calming atmosphere, this option also makes the interior look more luxurious.

Natural Touch with Stone Walls

For those of you who are interested in bringing a natural touch to your living room, stone walls are better to choose than painted ones. In the picture, the example you see is the dry stacked gray-blue limestone material used to cover the surrounding wall-sized fireplace.

For a stronger natural look, choosing an unfinished wooden floor will be nice. However, if you don’t like the option, you can choose something that adds a bit of color to the material without 100% erasing its original look. An example is the gray or gray coloring options.

Thick Living Room with Charcoal Walls

Light or medium gray wall paint isn’t the only option you can choose for the living room. You can also choose dark options like charcoal and create a stunning bold look that you will love.

When choosing a slightly darker color like this, it’s natural to worry that the room will be too dark for a gathering place to cause discomfort.


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