The Battle Over Two Tier Tray Decor Christmas and How to Win It

Today I’m going to share some tips and ideas for decorating a tiered tray this holiday season. Get ready to be inspired with these Christmas tier tray decor ideas. Let’s start with the tray itself. Now, the larger the tiered tray, the more you will need to decorate. And in some cases, it’s getting harder to do. So if this is your first time trying it out on a tiered tray, I recommend starting small.

Next, let’s talk about what to use to decor your Christmas tier tray. When you’re out looking for Christmas tree decorations, keep an eye out for the larger ornaments that can be used on your tiered tray.

Last year my multi-storey Christmas tray focused on using signs, a few ornaments, holiday options, and a few small Christmas-themed items that I already have.

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Etsy Level Tray Decoration

Another option I’ve started with for tiered tray decor is Etsy. I love finding unique items that you can’t buy in a store and I support small businesses at the same time. I wanted to get to this post right now because if you’re looking to find some cute tiered tray decor from Etsy, you should order it now!

Sometimes goods are made to order. So you want to provide enough lead time for you to get the item you want. I’m going to show you some of the items I’ve noticed for my Christmas tiered tray. This vacation themed hot chocolate tray is so cute! You can not only buy items on display in the store but also give you inspiration on how to decorate your tiered tray.

Another idea that I just got from this tiered tray is to use a mini tree that you can find in the Target dollar or Walmart or Hobby Lobby spots on your tiered tray too. Often times you can buy a bunch of items that are on display at the store or you can select specific items. I really love this tiered tray featuring a farm fresh Christmas tree sign. If you love Rae Dunn, you can use holiday-themed collections on your tiered tray. Sometimes things are hard to find (I’m not a huge Rae Dunn fan, but I know lots of people who love Rae Dunn.) If you want that look, check out these mini Christmas tins that would go perfect on a tiered tray.


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