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Small Shower Remodel Ideas

How many small shower remodel ideas can you think of? If you think hard enough, you can find more than a dozen that don’t cost a fortune such as curtains, wands, knobs, shower heads and fans. So much can be found to give your bathroom a facelift that doesn’t cost much and is relatively easy to install that many people simply use it to help improve shower designs. For example, buying a new shower door handle is relatively inexpensive and very easy to install. Knobs on taps are also inexpensive and easy to install.

Most bathrooms do not need a lot of work to shower remodeling. You can make a little tweak by applying a fix or two and making it look as new as a new door. If you really insist on a total renovation, there are some ideas you can apply to your renovation such as bathroom coverings, lighting or maybe new wall or floor tiles. This takes more time and money to install but can give you a whole new bathroom.

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Way To Renovate The Bathroom With Small Shower Remodel

One way to renovate the bathroom is to implement a shower that is completely new. A kiosk can be a freestanding shower that occupies an unused corner of a bathroom. It may require additional drains to run but using a corner stall gives you two options for showering when installing a cover isn’t possible. A kiosk can also serve as a replacement for a cage. Many people don’t want to clutter their bathtubs with enclosures and corner stalls are a viable option to replace them. The design of replacement stalls is such that they provide you not only with alternative means of bathing but also relaxation.

Many ideas consist of small changes. Buying new curtain rods, shower heads, and handles for your bathroom door is cheap and doesn’t take long to install. You’ll want to make sure the handles and other fixtures are the same design or style as your other fixtures. Curtains are also an inexpensive change and can bring new life to your bathroom. These little ideas can be done by homeowners with minimal problems and usually in just a few hours. These are major renovations such as floor tiles, lighting and ceiling fans that require time and money.

Floor tiles can be purchased in a variety of styles and designs including ceramic tiles and self-adhesive tiles. Adhesive tiles are much easier to install than ceramic tiles and cost less. Lighting can be expensive depending on the type of lighting you choose such as recessed lighting. A ceiling fan may cost the same as the floor depending on the style. Some ceiling fans will require the ceiling to be cut and an electrician installs a wall switch. If you already have a fan and just need to fix it, you can easily buy a new one and work on it yourself.


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