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How To Choose Shower Wall Tiles With Types of Ceramic Tiles

Shower walls tiles can be the most significant influence in redesigning a bathroom. If you are considering a makeover, choosing the right tile can be the most important part. Ceramic tile is just one variation, however, there are many types of ceramic tiles to choose from. Glazed ceramic tile is better suited for bathroom walls than floors because it can be very slippery when wet. Porcelain tile is another variety that can handle years of heavy maintenance while retaining its original color and beauty.

Apart from materials, size is an important thing to consider when choosing shower wall tiles. Large tiles cause the area to appear larger, which is desirable, but if your walls are only three feet deep, a 20 “x 20” tile will be too large. Try to find a good balance between the size of the tiles and the size of the walls you are covering. If you plan to include decorative patterns or accents, keep in mind that you will have a pipe valve in one place or another. You don’t want the shower head to end up disturbing your lovely decorative accent!

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Mix Tile Styles For Shower Wall Tiles

It is recommended that you mix tile styles to create a pattern on the walls, but be careful when mixing tiles of different thicknesses. You want a seamless installation, so be sure to check with a tile designer or aligner to make sure your choices will work together. Along with blending styles, there are options regarding laying tiles. Do you want your tiles to be square or slanted on a diagonal? You can arrange all square tiles except one row at eye level. Lining the accent rows at the top and bottom with diagonal ribbons or decorative dots will add to the appeal of your bathroom wall tiles. Consider if you prefer tile options with smaller or larger grout lines and grout colors. Don’t forget to use a sealer on the grout to help prevent mold and mildew from growing.

If you have a wall large enough that you choose a large format shower walls tiles, you need to keep in mind the coordinating tiles for a bathroom floor that are small enough to make the pitch on the bathroom floor a drain. Typically, a 4 “x 4” or 6 “x 6” tile or smaller scale mosaic is best, depending on the size of the showerhead and the required shower height.


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