+22 Essential things for shower tile designs walk in color schemes

Ideas to help you create beautiful bathtub and shower tile designs.

One of the great things about tiles is the fact that you have almost unlimited creativity. There are many different types of tiles and different ways to create your own unique bathroom and shower tile designs. From standard bulk tiles to individual hand painted, whatever your decorative style, you still have plenty to choose from.

Before creating a bathroom and shower tile design, you need to choose the pattern and tile you want. When using tiles to create a design, there are three types of tiles you can use. There are field tiles, which are simple in shape. These are available in a variety of sizes and are great for use when covering large areas. The next tile is an accent tile. These tiles are designed with an unusual shape, shine and texture. All it takes are a few of them to turn an ordinary tile pattern into something extraordinary. Lastly, trim tiles are your border tiles. These are usually narrow and go around the edges to add to your design.

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Tips for choosing a bath and shower tile design:

The choice of airy light tiles makes your room look bigger. For a stronger effect use a contrasting accent tile color. Consider the room’s overall color scheme including counters, floors, and walls. Customize your tile creation to create a focal point or to compliment. Using two or three colors can create subtle, yet very effective results. Add color to your tile selection by using contrasting tiles that are randomly spaced.

Bath and Shower Tile Designs

Another important bath and shower tile design element is the choice of grout color. The variety of grout colors will let your pattern blend with a matching or contrasting color. If you choose a high contrast grout color, the tiles will be more visible. Contrasting white grout with black tiles will contract for a checkered look that gives you that extra bit of design. It is also important that the grout is cleaned with warm, soapy water and frequently resealed in areas where it is used frequently.

Don’t be afraid to get creative when you are choosing your bathtub and shower tile designs. The result is a unique, beautiful bathroom that you will enjoy for years.


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