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Inspiration for a boho chic living room that’s rich in color and detail

A boho chic interior design can take advantage of the various knick-knacks you have for your living room. These design choices free your creativity and blend with nature. Some of the characteristics of boho chic design include the use of furniture that contains vintage elements, the presence of unique elements, the use of natural light, and green plant decorations.

Also, this boho chic style design doesn’t limit the use of colors, patterns, or details. You are free to be creative, maximize what is available and create a comfortable impression without having to pay a fortune. Here are supplies of inspiration for a boho chic living room with rich colors, patterns and details for you, so you can create your own unique design. In fact, don’t hesitate to include local elements of the archipelago.

Boho chic, fresh and natural earthy tone

As the name implies, the application of a boho chic style with earthy tone nuances in the living room can combine earth color elements such as white, brown, orange, black and dark green. The white color is deliberately the background of the family room, so that other colors look striking. As if to give a touch of rustic style. As a result, this boho chic living room looks fresh and natural.

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A boho chic living room hits the color

Contrasting colors add to the next boho chic living room. Creating a warm and friendly welcome. The artwork on the walls is intentionally installed higher than usual to help bring a bohemian feel that is more fresh and lively.

Black on a black theme

Like black? This one inspiration is worth considering! Even though it is dominated by black, it still produces a comfortable space to relax with family that is far from gloomy. Abundant natural light makes the living room brightly lit. Sofa cushions in various colors and patterns also succeeded in enlivening the atmosphere.

Color game on a white background

An easy trick that you should imitate to apply a boho chic design to your family room is to choose a plain or white color on the wall. Plain white on the walls will bring the colors and accents to life. Various colors are presented through sofa cushions. Meanwhile, colorful fabrics with unique ethnic patterns become beautiful decorations in the corner of the room. Not too much, two green plants in a pot perfect a family room that makes you feel at home.

Black and white boho chic style with various patterns

The play of black and white in the living room manages to bring out a boho chic feel with a modern twist. Starting from the use of wood materials on the floor and sofa legs, stair decorations, to rattan basket decorations. Meanwhile, a bright splash of color is added through the abstract mural. Simple but beautiful, right?

Pastel shades

Can pastels be used in a boho chic interior design? Of course you can. Like in this family room with large windows. The calm boho chic style is formed thanks to the use of various pastel colors and white color combinations on the walls to the windows. The placement of greenery right in front of the glass windows has succeeded in creating its own charm in the family room with a bohemian touch.


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