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How cozy is your bedroom?

Many people decorate their bedroom to look a certain way without paying attention to comfort. For example, when shopping for bedroom furniture, we often look for the most attractive furniture we see. Often times, we decorate our homes to look magazine ready and they are less comfortable like home. How do we create a bedroom that is attractive but cozy? Is there furniture and accents available that is truly eye-catching and comfortable? Let’s examine essentials about this cozy bedroom and determine if we can have both.

The bed

The most important feature of a bedroom is the bed hence the name. In order to prevent aches and pains in the future, it is important to choose an attractive and cozy bed. First consider the amount of space you will need. You will then consider the space available in your room. If you like a lot of space, you’ll first decide whether your space will allow a king or queen bed.

If you plan to lie in the bedroom and read, you should pay attention to the head of the bed. It is important to choose a bed that has a headboard to support you. You will then determine what type of mattress. If you want a bed to hug you, you may want to choose a water bed or foam mattress. Maybe you want a comfortable soft bed, if so you can consider a firm mattress.

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Closet Space

The wardrobe is very important in a bedroom because it is the main storage area. Depending on the size of your room, your wardrobe can accommodate clothes, shoes, furniture and more. A spacious and organized wardrobe is suitable for any bedroom as it will free your room from clutter.

Bedside Table or Nightstand

There are several uses for desks in your bedroom. You may need a dresser, a table to hold your glasses, or even a glass of water in the middle of the night. Consider the function your table will serve and you can then choose the perfect table for your space.

Accent rugs

Rugs serve one of two purposes in a room if not both. A large, fluffy rug can feel great on tired feet at the end of the day. A rug can also bring out the style and flair of decor in your room. Consider the color and space in your bedroom carefully before you choose your accent rug.

Changing Room and Mirror

Your bedroom will be used primarily for resting and dressing. It’s uncomfortable to get dressed and prepare for your day if there isn’t enough space. When choosing furniture for your bedroom, be sure to consider the space and possible placement for dressing. You will also want to include a mirror, preferably full length, to aid in dressing.

Trash can

Nothing is more irritating than having to leave the room to throw something away. It also hurts the eyes if trash is put in a small pile or plastic bag and hung on the door. A small trash can that blends in with your bedroom decor is a must-have for convenience. The six items above are an essential part of a cozy, attractive bedroom. There are other factors to consider such as decorating style and placement to consider before your room is finished.


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