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Many apartments and homes have front doors that open directly into the living room, which makes one wonder how best to decorate a living room without an entrance. We’ve looked at what interior designers have to say about this configuration as well as found some great ways to decorate a living room without no entryway or foyer.

A Great Way To Decorate A Living Room Without no Entryway

Design challenges are always fun puzzles to solve. And with the front door that opens directly into the living room, you have a challenge. Where did you stop to put your keys, shoes and umbrella? Maybe you have a coat closet, but maybe you don’t. There are ways to create the functionality and feel of an entrance, even if your living room doesn’t have it.

Place Your Furniture To Create Of Entryway

In this living room, an outside entryway opens directly into the living room. Homeowners have placed a neutral L-shaped sofa perpendicular along the inside edge of the door. It creates a line as you step inside that differentiates the space they create in the doorway versus the space the seating arrangement creates.

In this living room, a seating area rug is used as a divider between the living room and the entryway. The large piece of furniture on the wall creates semi-blocks so that when walking into the room, one finds a small square area to remove coats and shoes that feels separate from the conversation area.

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Add A Bench Or Storage Area To Create A Entryway Function

When we first walked into the house, we took off our coats, purses, keys and briefcases. In this living room, the home owner has placed a low stool beside the front door. This is a great place to sit and take off your shoes, or put down your bag. On it is a small shelf with hooks for coats, keys, scarves, or any small item that needs to be hung.

Use a low bookshelf to create a half wall

Another idea for creating the impression of no entryway is to place a low bookcase perpendicular to your front door. This provides a visual as well as physical barrier to the entire living space. Shelves provide space for storing and welcoming decorative items. Here, the curtains hide the shelves to reduce the visual clutter that can occur while the shoes are stored. Align the top with ornamental plants, and you will get a clearer space.

Use a different floor or small area rug to determine Entryway

Using a different floor area just inside the entryway is another way of determining entry in a house without a vestibule. Choosing a tile to combine with hardwood, or even a square rug or plinth will create the illusion of separation and distinct “zones” of the household. Here, the zigzag pattern on the gray wood grained tile contrasts sharply with the warm tones of the horizontal wood flooring.

Use Open Shelf Units To Make Entries

This is a similar idea to using a half bookcase, but in this case, the shelf unit is extended to its full height. The combination of closed and open shelves gives you many options for storing functional and decorative items without sacrificing style. Add a little welcome rug to the door, and you’ll forget you don’t have a way in.


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