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Furniture Layout For Living Room

Did you know that how you arrange the furniture in the living room can greatly determine the size of the room in question? To believe this, you only need to visit one of the living room which has the wrong furniture layout; and as a result, the rooms end up looking small and cramped. Sometimes, it’s not necessarily a very small room. Also not because the furniture in the room is large. But the way the furniture is arranged can make a room look small and cramped.

On the other hand, we have a situation where people, through clever furniture layouts, have been known to make indeed very small rooms look large and comfortable. This is where someone with what, objectively, a very small house, ends up getting comments about ‘how big’ their house is, simply because of the way they have arranged the furniture in it. The thing to remember at this point is that a person’s perception is usually their reality. Therefore, if your living room looks big to them, the question is how to arrange the furniture in the living room to make it look bigger.

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How To Make Living Room It Look Bigger With Furniture Layout

Now the first step to arranging a living room to make it look bigger is planning. Ideally, you should get the layout right on the paper; before trying to get it right in physical space.

In terms of actual layout, using multipurpose (multi-functional) furniture can help you save space, and effectively make the room appear larger. Remember, it is not only the size of the furniture in a room that can make it look small but also the many separate furniture items that are ‘crammed’ in the room. So, if you have multipurpose furniture, you reduce the number of separate items in the room, and thus make it appear larger. This you do without sacrificing user comfort, as some versatile items end up doing what many separate items would do).

Placing larger furniture right against the wall, so that a ‘undisturbed’ central space is another step you can take to make your living room appear larger. You just have to see the difference in perception this one step can make for you to believe it.

Painting the walls of the living room so that they blend in with (at least some) major pieces of furniture can also go a long way toward creating the illusion of an extraordinarily believable space, when in fact the living room might just be a little crib. This not only creates the illusion of space, but also makes the whole scheme look less rigid to the eye.


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