25 + Ideas to mobile home decorating doublewide living room

Doublewide Mobile Home Ideas

If you haven’t seen the production house in a long time, you will be in for a big surprise. Production houses, also called mobile homes, actually don’t move at all. If you’ve been looking for a large house and thought standard living was your only option – think again. Doublewide mobile home offer great open space and spacious living areas at a fraction of the price of traditional homes. Let’s take a look at some of the features you will find in doublewide mobile home.

To start with let’s talk footprint. Larger production homes may be up to 2,400 square feet or more. This average wide double sized home will have three family bedrooms in addition to a large master suite consisting of a large bedroom, a spacious walk-in wardrobe, and a ample master bathroom featuring two separate vanities with washbasins, full-sized shower and tub. spa. You’ll also find one and a half to two additional bathrooms, a laundry room, a living or den as well as a spacious living area, and even a nice sized pantry in the kitchen. It may surprise you if you’ve never seen one. to these houses.

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Doublewide Ideas For Your Home

Unlike the smaller single-width cousins, the doublewide may not have a dining area in the kitchen, but is more of a dining area that is actually adjacent to the kitchen, perhaps separated by a wall or high bar table at the back of the kitchen table. High ceilings and open plans allow natural light to flood into the room and create a feeling of warmth and warmth. Often times you’ll find these larger homes also have a nice sized deck out front. There is usually a back door that goes into the mud room / laundry room.

Kitchens generally have plenty of counter and cupboard space and are often some kind of island – perfect for an hors d’oeuvre station at a gathering. The large open living room is ideal for mingling with groups of friends or family. So when you are looking for a large family home, don’t forget to look at double wide houses as a profitable option.


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