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Decoration Ideas For Teen Girls Bedroom

When it comes to decoration a teen girls bedroom, the Internet is your shopping mall. First, do some window shopping online for a little inspiration and see what’s available to coordinate the look and feel you want your girl’s room to be.

There are all kinds of things that you can use to decorate a teen girls bedroom. For example, a pretty blanket with matching pillows could really put a teen girl’s room together. Teen girl bedroom decor items like fashionable clocks or bulletin boards covered in matching fabric and a few colorful pins can make great accessories.

The key is to coordinate your bedroom accessories with your wall, bed and window treatments. If you’re on a tight budget, consider eBay or check out consignment and thrift stores for great deals. If your teen’s bedroom is small, you may want to consider airy, open colors like light green or pale pink that will add to the illusion of the size of your bedroom space. Bolder shades can be introduced through the use of accessory items.

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Furniture For Decoration Ideas Teen Girls Bedroom

Decorating with a mirror is another fun way to enlarge your teen’s bedroom. Consider hanging a vertical mirror horizontally on one wall (perhaps over a dresser or table to help with your makeup application) and a second mirror vertically on another wall or inside your closet door (for use when dressing).

Make your window treatments fun. Use your wall and bed colors for inspiration and combine different patterns and textures. Throw rugs are another great way to introduce patterns and textures and can really bring color together in your teen girl’s bedroom.

Make sure all the work areas in your teen’s bedroom are well lit, i.e. on your desk, beside your bed (for evening reading), where you put your makeup on, near the large mirror for dressing and lastly, in your closet so you can find your clothes easily.

Repainting, refinishing, or simply stamping your teen’s bedroom furniture are great ways to give your child’s room a more mature teen bedroom feel. Accessing your closet doors and dresser drawers with decorative knobs is also a great way to update the look of your teen girl bedroom. An inexpensive alternative is to repaint or refinish existing handles.


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