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Rustic bedroom furniture is perfect for a log house, fishing cabin, mountain hut or any house that longs for the character and personality of nature. Of course furniture that celebrates the outdoors is perfect for a home on a mountain or a lake. It is in this setting that one comes out of the concrete and tall buildings from the bustle of the company to enjoy the finer things in life. Decorating a cabin, log house or cottage with natural and rustic furniture is a way to take advantage of the wilderness and bring it indoors. Bedroom are a great place to start with rustic decor as you explore a wide selection of rustic furniture.

Log Bed

There are several styles of rustic bedroom furniture. Perhaps the most unique is the wooden bed. Nobody needs massive log support for sleeping but a wooden bed makes a statement that nature is highly valued in this home. Sometimes wooden beds have crooked, rough wood that makes up the head and leg boards. Other times, the log was straight and majestic. Of course since this is a completely natural product, no two beds are identical. The rustic bedding pattern one chooses to put on the bed should complement the log choice.

Iron Furniture

Another type of rustic bed made of iron. While this is not a celebration of nature rather than the determination and strength of the human soul, it is a form of rustic bedroom furniture. The iron bed may be very simple or it may have an intricate design born of expert ironwork. Like a wooden bed, an iron bed symbolizes strength and tenacity while it can also display intricate artistic beauty.

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Twig Furniture

What is lacking is a statement of strength is a bed of twigs. The twigs are formed from branches that usually have more shapes and are smaller than ordinary stems on a wooden base. Branches are an appreciation for the wildness of nature and the uncertainties experienced in nature. Twig beds take a step further into nature and handle adjustable pieces of wood, artistically creating structures that will lull humans to sleep. The twig bed is more for the adventurous spirit.

Barnwood furniture

Again types of rustic bedroom furniture including dressers and chest of drawers may come in many forms but, like wooden beds and metal beds, are a tribute to enduring tenacity. Barnwood has a rustic feel as it has endured over time. It has stood under the scorching sun, blinding blizzards, and strong winds. A barnwood bed is like an old friend with the wisdom and elegance tried by an experience that personifies an unwavering dependence.

Overall, each type of rustic bedrooms furniture has its own character and personality. If possible, each one will have a unique story to tell. Looking closely at the furniture, you may be able to observe a little of the story from its wood and metal characters. Rustic bedroom furniture is a great way to pay homage to the beautiful outside world and a way to bring nature home. Of course, a carefully selected rustic bedding ensemble will complement and accentuate the personality of the furniture. Patterned ensembles can complement simple furniture designs while simple bed patterns complement more complex furniture designs nicely. All in all a rustic bedroom decor will be a retreat to extend your love of nature to even the deepest corners of your home.


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