+23 Most popular ways to laundry room basket storage shelves

Laundry Room Shelves Ideas

Even though laundry room shelves are necessary elements in a laundry space, you don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy such shelves. You don’t want your guests to come to that area and admire the way you have organized it. All you want is to use the available space optimally and make the room fully functional so that you can complete your household chores without any hassle. You can find laundry shelves in different sizes at affordable prices. When your laundry space is organized properly, you will complete the chores in less time.

Cabinets are great additions to your laundry area and you can keep the chemicals away from children by locking them inside your cabinet. A small cabinet to store essential supplies and clothes is not sufficient and you need extra space. You can get this space using shelves.

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Popular Type Of Shelves

The most popular type of shelves used in laundry rooms is wire shelving. These shelves are extremely lightweight and portable. Most wire shelves can be attached to any existing shelf and they can be used for temporary or permanent storage of laundry items. These baskets are available in various sizes so that you can store different garments separately. With such baskets installed, you don’t have to search for socks in a large basket.

In between laundry room storage and shelves, consider using bars and hanging rods to hang clothes and shirts. This way, you can dry them completely and you can use hangers for storage too. Fold away shelves are now popular for drying and storing clothes. Heavy clothes like sweaters can be dried in these shelves and when they are closed, they become storage space. In the laundry room shelves, include some small trash bins that are useful for storing items that you collect from the pockets while washing clothes.


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