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Interior For Ways To Decorating Small Apartment

Interior decoration is an expensive hobby for anyone who has ever done it. Target to Bed, Bath and Beyond, we’re inundated with ‘cheap’ decor options that end up still costing us more money than we expected very quickly. Here are ways to decorating your small apartments on a budget without sacrificing style or quality decor.

Paint – If the landlord allows you to paint the walls, go crazy. Choose a wall to paint as an accent wall in your favorite bold color. Cheap but durable paint is available at most home improvement stores, and you can make it stretch even more by cutting it with water. If you are decorating your own apartment, paint your belongings using a color palette that matches your space.

Organization is key especially when moving to a space that is smaller than usual. While you may have to part with some of your belongings, fear not – the rest can and will fit! Make sure to optimize the space you have available by placing items very carefully; Make sure the chairs don’t block the walkway but everyone has a seat, and think outside the box when it comes to placing chairs or lights. Sometimes things you didn’t expect to fit into a certain room might just be perfect there!

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Items Ideas For Small Apartment Decor

Use what you have – part of small apartments decor on a budget is using items you already have in new and innovative ways. If you have a collection or a hobby, show it on the frame or on the wall to bring out the new personality of your apartment. Use postcards, pictures, and other mementos that you can hang from your life to make a collage or interesting piece of art on your wall that will grab the attention of visitors.

Buy secondhand – if you have to buy, buy second. Good used kitchen utensils, shelving and storage, and other furniture can easily be found at a thrift store or at a discount. If there’s something you know you really want or need that you don’t want to get into the habit of, feel free to splurge – you want it to feel right at home as long as you plan on living in this apartment.

Hopefully these tips were helpful and allowed you to make wise and fun apartment decorating decisions! Remember, this is an exciting time in your life, so enjoy the process.


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