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There may be hundreds of different farmhouse living room styles, but the easiest way to achieve a contemporary look is the color scheme. There are many types of furniture and accents that can create a room, but start from scratch by looking at a color chart. Here are three color schemes to help you in your quest for farmhouse living room designs, especially because of the accents and the furniture they match:

Light Colors with Bold Contrasts

White, pearl, cream or ivory are great natural colors to create base colors. With this neutral background, you can lift the atmosphere of the room with a splash of color, like a red light or a black carpet. These tonal differences add texture to the room and take away the boring nature of neutral colors, if there are no striking features that stand out. This will make your farmhouse living room stand out perfectly.

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Jazzy Color Combinations

Purple and yellow are colors that go hand in hand with each other, although it may sound too bold on paper for a farmhouse living room design, they both work. Refinement is the name of the game and adding a splash of color or block color helps with a contemporary feel.

It’s dark, Moody

A great favorite for a farmhouse living room is the use of black and red. The combination of these colors brings out a dark and mysterious tone, while adding to the roar, the open fire gives off an intimate and romantic atmosphere. With smooth lines and comfortable furniture, you can be sure that these colors will do the trick. While the colors don’t really contrast with each other, like most contemporary colors, they go hand in hand. It’s said it would be a little easier to get matching furniture using black and red.


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