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A great opportunity to create a sensational garden is a small backyard. Restorative green spaces to sit, relax and entertain are almost a necessity with a growing number of us living in urban environments. No matter how small the room is there are ways and means of creating your own backyard paradise – whether it is an apartment balcony or a small backyard.

Get started

If space is expensive, planning is essential. To help you visualize what you want, it’s a good idea to map the available space. Get busy with a measuring tape and come up with a scale plan for your backyard. It can be done on graph paper. Be sure to mark doors, windows, fences and gates. If you have a drain or gas meter, mark that too.

One of the big mistakes people make when designing small gardens is cramming too much into the space which results in the garden feeling crowded and even smaller. Every plant, paver and piece of furniture should be an essential part of your outdoor retreat. Various functions should be used such as: benches with built-in storage, decorative vines that produce fruit or shade plants that act as privacy screens.

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Layout Design

It’s important to design them for maximum use when your outdoor space is limited. Determine how you spend most of your time in the garden. This may be a place for a barbecue, a play area for children, a quiet retreat to read a book or a social center to meet up with friends. Whatever the purpose, design fulfills the main role of the garden.

Land Options

A piece of law is always good, but if a lawn is an unlikely option due to excess shade or lack of space, then paving or decking is an attractive option. Paving should be simple and free from strong geometric designs. Tall patterned areas make the space appear smaller. Another option is synthetic grass. It can work in conjunction with paved areas, be very difficult to put on, and give kids a place to roll around.


Simplicity is the golden rule when it comes to planting a small garden. A few well-chosen and optimally placed plants around the space is the way to go. Trees are usually too big for small gardens. If you choose to plant trees, think carefully about their placement. A sapling might look great next to the back door, but in 10 years time, it can become a nightmare

The tall, lush bush is suitable for a small garden backyard. If the room is very short, you might consider adding a trellis to the wall to support the vines. A dull exterior wall can be transformed into a riot of color and greenery with vertical walls.

A terraced outdoor shelf that holds potted plants of different sizes helps create a lush display. A corner dedicated to plants can add color and make food tastier.

If your outdoor space is a balcony or concrete slab on a rental property, you can still turn it into a green space. Use potted plants, hanging baskets or planting troughs to fill the area with greenery. They come in a large selection of shapes, sizes and textures to help create the feel you want.


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