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Vinyl Tiles For Bathroom Flooring

Vinyl may not be the first choice of flooring for many people. But, vinyl can be used in creative ways to give your bathroom great looks and style. Bathroom flooring vinyl tiles are available in different shades and textures. You can even cut them into the shape you desire and create cool borders and accents.

Vinyl tiles are usually coated with urethane or enhanced urethane. This gives them a smooth and shiny look and protects the tiles from wear and tear. As a matter of fact, vinyl last for years on end. The best part about bathroom floor vinyl tiles is that you can replace theme easily and without professional help.

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Styles Ideas For Bathroom Floor Vinyl Tiles

If you are looking to experiment with textures, go in for woven vinyl or cushioned sheet vinyl. These have resilience and durability. You can find bathroom floor vinyl tiles in all sorts of prints and designs. There are vinyl which resemble ceramic tiles and if laid out correctly, create the same effect as ceramic tiles. You can also find vinyl flooring which resembles laminate hardwood flooring. Lay these tiles out correctly and you get a nice, natural feel for your bathroom.

Bathroom floor vinyl tiles are usually available as 12 or 18 inch squares. They come with different kinds of backing. Self stick tiles resemble stickers. You just have to peel off the sheet at the back and stick the tiles on to the floor. Vinyl also come with felt or vinyl backing. Make sure the floor is smooth. Fill our holes and bumps before laying the vinyl. There should be no air bubbles either. These will give the tiles a bumpy, un-natural look.

If you are looking for deep colors and glossy textures, choose inlaid vinyl which have color granules embedded in them. Printed tiles wear out faster but they are cheaper and permit you to experiment with different styles and patterns. You can also find bathroom vinyl tiles which are printed to resemble mats, tiles in single solid colors etc. Cut different colored vinyl into small squares or rectangles to make nice borders for the bathroom floor.


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